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At Nuflow, we believe in cutting-edge innovation when it comes to maintaining and repairing pipes. That’s why we’ve spent 10 years carrying out research and development to fine-tune our systems. This gives us the ability to repair and reline pipes without the hassle of pipe excavation or causing damage to infrastructure by digging.

We aim to help residents repair or strengthen their pipes affordably and easily, with minimal damage to their property. If you’re after a way to repair pipes without destroying surfaces, choose our innovative Blueline system.

Smart Solutions for Commercial Pipe Repairs

We believe that every business should have someone to turn to when drainage issues occur. At Nuflow, we’ve spent more than 10 years perfecting our technology to make it as efficient as possible for repairing leaking sewerage, stormwater and water pipes – without excavating surfaces. That means minimal interruption to your day-to-day business.

Our innovative liners have been developed to handle temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius, as well as handling avgas, potable water and sulphuric acid, all up to the Australian Water Quality Centre standards. This makes our products and services versatile for different business types and needs.

We have a reputation for providing top services to commercial businesses; we’ve serviced pipes in;

  • Commercial multi-story structures
  • Industrial facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Medical facilities,
  • Maritime vessels and
  • Underground utilities

We are covering the CQ Area including St Lawrence, Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Emerald and Gladstone

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Nuflow CQ, 6 Ridge Avenue, Lammermoor, Yeppoon QLD 4703

P 0408 433 922

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