Pre-Purchase Pipe Inspection

When purchasing a house or unit, most people are keen to do their due diligence. This typically includes carrying out a building inspection and pest inspection to check for any issues that might cost extra money to fix in the future.

Something you may not realise is that a standard building inspection does not look for problems in underground plumbing. And, unfortunately, these are the problems that are often the most expensive to repair.

Leaking pipes are already a costly issue to rectify, but underground plumbing carries extra risks.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why a pre-purchase pipe inspection is such a good idea for potential house buyers. Whether you’re choosing a family home or investment property, it helps to know in advance if the plumbing is likely to chew away at your savings in the future.

What’s Involved in a Pre-Purchase Pipe Inspection?

Our expert team will investigate your prospective property’s underground pipework (the sections of plumbing you can’t see or access easily).

While building inspections often look at plumbing to an extent, our pre-purchase pipe inspection is designed specifically to give you valuable insight into these harder-to-reach pipes.

The resulting report we create for you will reveal any existing issues and potential problems, such as:

  • Checking Sewer, Downpipes and Storm water Pipes internally and externally
  • Identifying the layout of the pipework and marking it up in a diagram for you
  • Checking the ground, walls and ceilings for any signs of a pipe that has burst previously
  • Pressure-testing the pipework to check for possible existing leaks
  • Taking a sample of the water supply and testing it for contaminates such as lead (lead poisoning is an important risk to consider, particularly in older buildings).

In many circumstances, we can look inside your pipes using our advanced equipment, which allows us to check the general condition of the plumbing and determine how much build-up or corrosion has occurred.

Is a Pre-Purchase Pipe Inspection Worth It?

At the end of the day, a pre-purchase pipe inspection from Nuflow gives you invaluable peace of mind. The last thing you want when buying a house is to uncover plumbing problems after you move in. Our pre-purchase pipe inspection service helps you make a more confident house-buying decision.

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