Inspecting And Clearing Pipes In
Central Queensland

At Nuflow Central Queensland, we specialise in CCTV inspections and reports and handle your pipe clearing and cleaning issues. We use the latest technology coupled with unobtrusive techniques to ensure that we fix pipe blockages quickly, safely and cleanly.

Explore our services and contact our team to learn more about what we can do for you and your property.

CCTV Inspections and Reports

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We do not disturb the ground in which the pipes lay as we know this kind of project is disruptive to your home or commercial property. Instead we use non-obtrusive CCTV to detect the problem. The benefits of using CCTV include:

  • Precise, quick, detailed, safe, and cost-effective pipe inspections for diagnostic and preventative measures
  • Providing reports to you for future reference
  • Ensuring there is no destruction of your property caused by digging or excavation
A pipe about to be fixed by Nuflow Central Queensland

Pipe Cleaning and Clearing

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Our efficient pipe cleaning services are carried out with precision. We use the lastest technology to manage problems caused by tree roots, faulty or damaged pipes, oils, fats and hair deposits, and foreign objects. We remove all the waste water we find in your drains from your property.

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Fast and efficient

We get in, do the job, and get out, leaving only maximum results.

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Environmentally friendly

We have strict health and safety standards and use eco-friendly products.

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Prompt Service

We are punctual and never miss a deadline.

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A Bespoke Service

Solutions tailored to your pipe or drain size plus the type of blockage.

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Blocked pipes? We’ll inspect, clear and clean them. Call 0408 433 922