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At Nuflow CQ we fix and repair pipes without having to dig, cutting out excavations that can turn messy and avoid the inevitable cleanup work that comes with most pipe repairs. We use cameras for our plumbing services to provide diagnostics on locating any pipe and plumbing issues, which means we can finish the job without damaging your property.

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Meet Our Experienced Plumbers

After leading the plumbing industry for over 15 years, Nuflow CQ has become the go-to experts in residential and commercial plumbing. We’re your local Gladstone plumbing service provider and are proudly Australian owned and operated. Our customers have expectations for us to deliver a premium service at an affordable price, while also operating within our Code of Ethics to make sure everything is done the right way. You can depend on the professional team at Nuflow.

Our Gladstone plumbers are regularly trained and licensed in drainage and plumbing. Our staff are always happy to provide you with advice and help with any of your plumbing and pipe needs. Whether it’s your water systems, gas, or any other plumbing issue, we’re here to help.

Our Services

Our plumbing services that we provide in Gladstone and the surrounding areas

CCTV Inspections and Reports

We’re experts in CCTV inspections and using cameras to see any plumbing issues you might be facing. We invest in the latest technologies in cameras and robotics so we can provide you with the best service possible. This also allows a plumber to finish the work more efficiently and effectively with no mess, while keeping everyone safe in the process.

After the work is done, a plumber will provide you with a USB to keep so you can quickly access the reports anytime you need. Our inspections are performed by our experienced operators and provide an accurate, fast, and safe diagnostic of your pipes.

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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can impact all of us and if they’re not treated and cleared by a plumber properly, they can cause long-term issues that will need constant work to maintain. We’ve become the experts in clearing blocked drains the right way to make sure you don’t face any issues in the future or have to worry about cleaning them again.

Our team utilises high pressure water jets, along with our industry leading CCTV equipment to make sure that your drains are completely cleared.

Pipe Repairs

Pipes can split, crack, and can build up rust over time. Eventually, they’ll need to be repaired to make sure they’re in the best shape possible. Our expert team can get your pipes back into gear while also making sure our work stands the test of time. There’s also no need to worry about a long-term time commitment as we provide trenchless pipe repairs that can usually be completed in one day.

We’re experienced in repairing pipes in all types of buildings and homes that include a variety of pipes such as sewerage and stormwater, copper and steel, rubbish chutes, waste transfer systems, and trade waste pipes that may carry high-temperature or acidic fluids. We put safety first and foremost, ensuring everyone involved is protected and not put in danger by the work we do. Everyone should be able to return home safe and sound.

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Commercial Repairs

As the best plumbers in Gladstone QLD, Nuflow provides industry leading plumbing services for you and your business. We provide you and your business with specialist relining projects including civil, government organisations such as shopping centres, apartments, hotels, leisure centres, tourist facilities, and theatres.

With over 15 years of experience in commercial plumbing, you’re in safe hands. We stay up-to-date on training and education so we can provide you with the best service possible. We commonly work on repairing cracked stormwater or sewer pipes in new building developments, water mains and piping, plumbing and corporate projects, rural farming applications, and deteriorating internal fire or water systems.

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A Diverse and Talented Team

Our team is vital to the execution of our projects, so you know you are always in capable hands.

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Premium Products

Only the highest quality products are worth selling to our customers.

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An Ethical Business Model

Our staff follow a Code of Ethics that guides their decision-making, ensuring every job is held to the same quality standards.

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Always Upskilling

We’re committed to education, as we ensure that all of our staff are trained to keep in line with safety and technology standards.

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