Pipe Relining Products

Here at Nuflow Central Queensland, we have embraced breakthroughs in the field of science and engineering over our 15 years of experience. These breakthroughs have resulted in innovative and environmentally-friendly pipe repairing options, fixing broken pipes from the inside, without the need to dig.

Here you’ll find an outline of our products and the processes that make Nuflow an industry leader.

Why We Are Unique

Our pipe relining methods provide permanent solutions, with warranties of up to 50 years. Nuflow are the only company to supply pipe repair solutions for water, drainage, and pressurised pipes in a range of diameters.

Blueline supplied by Nuflow Central Queensland.

Fitting a wide variety of environments and situations including high wear pipes, drainage systems, high temperature and acid pipes and structural pipes.

Redline suppline by Nuflow Central Queensland.

For pressurised pipe systems; hot and cold water, grey water systems, compressed air systems, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, conduit piping, chemical piping and water mains.

Greenline supplied by Nuflow Central Queensland.

Sutable for potable water systems and high-pressure mains pipes made from asbestos cement (AC), UPVC< copper, steel and many other pipe materials.

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Bespoke Service

We will look at your pipes and try to develop a solution for every scenario.

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Pipes We Repair

We are capable of repairing pipes in a number of materials, including copper, metal, iron, steel and many others.

No Need to Dig

We offer trenchless repair strategies, such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining, providing you with cost-effective and convenient solutions.

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