Greenline Plumbing Products For
Central Queensland

At Nuflow Central Queensland, we believe in the benefits of Greenline pipe relining. Enjoy safe, pure drinking water when you work with our team.

What is Greenline?

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Greenline is Nuflow’s potable (drinking) water relining solution. Designed to repair pipes with minimal disruption, Greenline structurally repairs any type of drinking water system.

Greenline supplied by Nuflow Central Queensland

Minimal Disruption And Less Mess

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We require minimal access points and only a small footprint of on-site equipment is required to conduct repairs.

Greenline Benefits

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No Roots

Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks

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More Water

Increases flow rate

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Provides a structural repair even when there is no existing pipe

No Excavation Needed

Ability to connect existing service lines without excavation

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Cost effective alternative to pipe and drain replacement

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For more information on Greenline relining, call 0408 433 922