Redline Plumbing Products

Nuflow Central Queensland is proud to work with Redline plumbing products. Redline’s epoxy pipe coating has been designed to restore domestic and commercial pipes. Contact our staff today and discover an expert team with premium products.

What is Redline?

Redline piping is an alternative to traditional pipe re-plumbing. Traditional methods were destructive and expensive, our Redline piping options are non-obtrusive and inexpensive.

Redline’s epoxy coating is used for restorationing plumbing and mechanical systems. As a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to completely coat the inside walls of the pipe system, this method reduces the destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, hardscape and landscape.

Redline from Nuflow Central Queensland

The Fast And Efficient Choice

Our Redline piping methods aim to eliminate distruption of your daily life and property.

Redline Benefits

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Speed and Simplicity

The process takes a fraction of the time of traditional re-pipe methods

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Extends Pipe Life

Preserves and extends pipe life, as well as improves water flow and pressure

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Keeps Water Clean

Less contamination in water

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Real Value

Large savings over re-piping or replacing pipes

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No Disruption

Property and landscaping remain undisrupted

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For more information on Redline relining, call 0408 433 922